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These digital features simplify the election management process
Save time and money by creating online ballots
Monitor voter turnout in real-time
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Category: web design

Client: Modupeola Temiloluwa

Date: January 2019

Tags: Web

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Online voting system in 5 steps

1. Login
To enter the online voting system you need two pieces of login data: a personalized ID and a one-time password

2. Confirmation of login
The system checks whether the data is in the electoral roll. Only eligible voters are granted access to the online voting system and the internal checking system sets up a token (digital ballot paper) for these voters, which will then be used when voting. This token prevents interference with the identity of the voter as the vote is cast anonymously after they have logged in.

3. Online voting
The ballot can only be accessed if the voter hasn't already voted. You can cast all available votes on lists or single candidates at the click of a button, and there's also the option to cast an “invalid” vote.

4. Double checking the vote
The filled out ballot slip is shown to the voter again for confirmation. This allows voters to double check their choices and change any mistakes they may have made before the vote is sent to the online ballot box and made official.

5. Completion of voting
Logging out of the online voting system is required to complete the voting process. Only then is the ballot transferred to the online ballot box and your token deleted. You cannot re-use your login data and the ballot remains anonymous inside the digital ballot box.